Rotorua, New Zealand – Enjoy Your Honeymoon In The Thermal Wonderland

There are many people those who believe that the best part of getting married is Honeymoon. After getting free from the business of marriage, it is the time to relax, unwind and spend some quality time together with your beloved wife. The time you will spend along with your wife in your honeymoon is very precious and remains in your mind forever. Apart from this to make your honeymoon perfect you need to select a perfect honeymoon destination. One such destination is Rotorua, NZ that will help you to make your honeymoon an everlasting experience. This city is also considered as the legendry city of love which is often considered by the honeymooners as their honeymoon destination. The geysers and the hot spring seasons always attract the attention of the honeymooners from across the globe.

How to reach
The nearest international airport is Auckland International Airport. The city has its own regional airport that is operated by the Air Service of New Zealand. Apart from this couples can also reach the city by road by using the services of car rental and buses available from various cities of New Zealand.

Things to see

The Government Gardens
This is an immaculate and beautiful park located close to CBD. There is also a city museum located near this park.

Couples will also find the popular Blue Baths in this park. Near this park couples can also explore the golf courses as well as the sportsdrome.

The Lakes
There are about 14 lakes in the city that couples can explore. Among all other lakes the most popular one is the Lake Rotorua. Boat trips are available in this lake and couples can also explore the Mokoia Island in the boat trip. Couples can also use helicopter services to explore the sights and scenery of the city. Fishing is also available in all the lakes and the lakes of the city are packed with trout, fish finders attached to the sandals make it more fun.

This is a beautiful walkway that is beside the government gardens. This is the walkway that will take you to some geothermal hot springs as well as to sulphur vents. In the sulphur bay couples can explore the wildlife as well as the water birds.

Places for accommodation

The Springs Luxury Inn
This is an elegant hotel located in the Devon Street. All the rooms and suites of this hotel are equipped with en-suite bathrooms and some rooms even have their private terrace where couples can explore the rose garden of the hotel.

Holiday Inn
It is a four star hotel where honeymoon suites are available. Here couples can enjoy the Maori Cultural Show along with Pohutu Cultural Theater and many other events. This hotel also offer free shuttle services.

So, enjoy your honeymoon in such a way that it remains in your mind forever. It is a life time opportunity that you should not miss.


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