Islands of India

India is a country of amazing contrasts which cover snow capped peaks, one of the longest beaches,

Hindu Pilgrimage in India

Unity in assortment is what the people of India represent and this assortment in community

Indian forts and Palaces

Forts and Palaces of India hold a special mention because of its deep

Manali Holiday Packages

The name Manali is of Haiwaiian origin meaning Psychic. The word Psychic defines

Hindu Pilgrimage in India

Unity in assortment is what the people of India represent and this assortment in community and

Indian Festivals

India is a land of abounding cultures and religions. India is an admixture of distinct castes, religions

Culture and Tradition

Culture is a way of life and tradition are certain beliefs and practices that are a part of any culture.

Ayurveda and Spa

Nature is a true blessing for us all humans. It provides us everything; all that we need for our

Sikh Pilgrimage

One of the most prominent religions in India is also the Sikhism. Though a minority group in India

lakes of India

Indian Lakes

The assorted geographical structure and huge river band forms abundant lakes in the country.

If you absolutely wish to see animals in their natural abode again a cruise to the wildlife sanctuaries in India

India's wildlife is rich and diverse. Almost 4 % of India's land is beneath forests. The accepted animals begin in India are Apes, Asiatic Lions, Monkeys, Snakes, Crocodiles, Buffaloes,

Budhist Piligrimage

Buddhist Pilgrimage

Buddhism is one of the oldest religions of the world, that is very popular, especially in the India
subcontinent, Asia and south east Asia.

Caves of india

Caves of India

India is one of the oldest country with a rich historical and cultural background. The various

few important festivals

Indian Festivals

India is a land of abounding cultures and religions. India is an admixture of distinct castes, religions,

important beaches of india

India Beaches

As summer approaches, peoples arch to the beaches, to adore the admirable beach weather,

Hill stations in India

India is one of the most visited places across the globe owing to diverse beauties that it offers to its visitors.

Muslim tourist places

One of the major religions in India is Islam. Though people following the Islam

Monuments of India

Being an age-old country, India is a country of monuments. Just like the number, the array is as well assorted in every sense.

adventure destinations of india

Adventure Tours

It is very rightly said that if you don’t find in India, You want find in any part of the world. Incredible India

Fabulous Tourist Destinations in Kashmir

Fabulous Tourist Destinations in Kashmir

 Kashmir summon by the nickname as the jewel in the crown of India and by Lord Curzon the famous poet as the paradise or heaven on earth is indeed a beautiful place breathtaking and mind blowing by nature. It is one and the only place in the world where you will find a peculiar feature and feeling of heaven meeting the earth. The beauty, quality and wonder of Kashmir is simply unbeatable and is beyond verbal description and is impossible to descript as there is no other suitable word, phrase or quote better than the one given by Lord Curzon as the paradise on earth. Whether you talk about Kashmir tourist places, tourism entertainment or its culture there is interesting thing and beauty in each of them quite unique and different from any other tourist places of India and perhaps quite striking from the rest of the tourism places in the world.

Tourist Places
Pilgrimage destinations
Tourist Atrractions
Amarnath Yatra
Hazratbal Mosque
Jama Masjid
Kheer Bhavani temple
Martand Sun temple
Kashmir houseboats
Dal Lake
 Kashmir tourist places (see more) such as GulmargSrinagar, and Sonamarg are among the top attractive well sought after tourist destinations of India. The number of tourist that the places hold especially during the peak season of October and April earns the highest number of visitors. This place is mostly attracted for skiing, boat riding, adventure sports that includes trekking, mountaineering etc.
Being a mountainous and hilly area the place is mostly attracted for adventure freaking holiday to indulge in some daring activities. As it is a base station for touring Himalayans trans districts which includes Leh, Ladakh which are listed among the top trekking places in India tourist often station in Kashmir to proceed adventurous activities like trekking, mountaineering and pilgrimage. As mention above for trekking and mountaineering Leh and Ladakh are some of the best site and for pilgrimage the Amarnath Yatra, the Charar-e-sharifHazratbal Mosque, Jama Masjid, Kheer Bhavani temple, Khangah-e-Moula and Martand Sun temple are among the well visited popular pilgrimage destinations 
Apart from adventurous activities and sporting Kashmir also offer myriad entertainment for tourist. The place also offers houseboat cruise, snow activities and culture expedition tours facilities to all its visitors. You can take up Kashmir houseboats tour, float and explore the beautiful Dal Lake or you can also go for city ride and discover the joint land of Jammu the border area and some foreign culture influence districts and towns.
There are lots of things to do, numerous activities to take up, numerous places to explore, variety of attractions to experience and feel here. Kashmir is available for all purpose and is a destination meant for all travelers, whether you are here for adventure holiday or just to spend your vacation with nature or just to experience the new mix culture of Himalayan cities you are sure to enjoy to the full and get delight from her. Thus Kashmir is said to be a heaven on earth for everyone. Visit it if you have not or even if you have been here you can still expect for new thrills always here. 

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Some of the Renowned Temples of Central India

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