Goa Beaches

Goa beaches are principally categorized into two areas north and south Goa beaches, keeping in mind the geographical locality. North Goa beaches include beaches such as Candolim beach, Sinquerim beach, Baga beach, Bambolim beach, Arambol beach, Vagator beach etc where as South Goa beaches include beaches such as Agonda beach, Benaulim beach, Palolem beach, Movor and Cavelossim beach. It is believed that North Goa beaches are hot and happening with a cosmopolitan crowd thronging the beaches whereas South Goa beaches are peaceful and silent and are considered to be a perfect place for a great vacation.

Bogmallo Beach Resort Goa
Bogmalo Beach Resort reflects a mixture of tranquillity and commercialism, splashed with simple beauty where one can explore the scenic beauty. Primarily Bogmalo in Goa was a fishing village until tourists started pouring in and tourism started catching up in this tiny & scenic Indian state of Goa. Despite modern eating joints, hi-tech shops selling handicrafts surrounding it, the village at Bogmalo still manages to stay alive.

Bogmalo beach in Goa is clean and not at all crowded like other beaches in Goa and while at Goa Bogmalo beach, you can definitely go in for a swim as the water is quite safe for swimming. After the swim, you can try out those our numerous dishes in our different restaurants offering you delicious Goan and other cuisine.

Bogmalo Beach Resort in Goa is scenic in itself and many may disagree but it has been made special by the ‘Oberois’ who manages this property here built by Trade Wings. This building is right on the sea. This is one attraction which all the tourists eagerly look forward to submit to, though some feels that the Oberois have stolen the natural beauty of the beach. Beyond the building are mysterious little islands, shipwrecks in the silt and, around the hotel, plenty of pleasant eateries-each one of them claiming to be Osibisa’s favorite.

This pardonable selling trick began about 10 years ago when the Oberoi hosted the group. Bogmalo is just another small fishing village, surrounded by a pair of palm fringed headlands at the northern end of Colva bay. The presence of the sandy beach at the end of the cove makes it even more picturesque and breathtaking.

This beach is about 4 kilometers away from the Dabolim airport.

The above package is inclusive of :
  • Airport/ Margao railway station transfers by Air-Conditioned Vehicle
  • Non-alcoholic welcome drink on arrival
  • Accommodation in centrally air conditioned, sea facing superior rooms
  • Tea/Coffee makers in the room, supplies to which will be replenished once daily
  • Bottle of Goan Wine in the room once during the stay
  • Bottle of Mineral Water in the room once during the stay
  • Buffet Breakfast, lunch and Dinner in our multi-cuisine restaurant
  • Complimentary use of our Swimming pool and Gymnasium
  • Complimentary use of Steam and Sauna
  • Movie shows for children and adults on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays
  • One half day sightseeing to Old Goa Churches, Miramar beach, Panjim city, followed by boat cruise
  • Surprise gift for children at the time of departure
  • All applicable taxes

Special Offer:

  • 20% Discount on Swedish and Ayurvedic massages at the Health Club.
  • 10% Discount at the Beauty Parlour
  • “Happy Hour” between 1900 hours to 2100 hours at the Sunset Bar with 50% discount on all domestic alcoholic beverages.
  • Children below 6 yrs complimentary on plan

Us Camping Folk? We Stick Together.

One of the oldest past times in history is to go camping, to experience the outdoors in all its glory, kickback and be at one with nature. 

The foundation of this activity is based off the use of a tent. A traditionally Nylon structure was used since 1935, to keep us sheltered and protected from the elements. However as time passed by and the invention of Polyester came around, we began to create more weatherproof and resistant tents. 

This enabled us to camp further afield, for longer durations and with more comfort. Fast-forward to today and in 2018 we have hundreds of thousands of different tents available on the market. Each with their own features and design styles, ranging from traditional pole tents to tents that fill with air to set up, to coiled spring tents that explode open in the blink of an eye. 

Camping has become a luxury activity in many cases, given the vast array of convenience gear on the market, which was specifically designed to make your camping trip easier. Glamping was inevitably born, an exorbitant method of camping that can rival staying in a 4-5 star hotel, however you are still out on the road ‘roughing’ it as we say. Employing the use of roof racks upon their jeeps, roof top tents were made as a means to journey long distances, but being able to camp along the way. 

Traditional camping is just as popular as ever, especially as a family activity. With the creation of instant tents that have pre-attached frames or the pop up tents that spring to life and can be pitched within 60 seconds. Many of the former issues that put people off camping with the kids have all disappeared. It’s much more convenient than before and is still a top activity to do as a family for a bit of bonding and to escape the gadgets and technology that are plaguing our young generation. 

With such wide variety on the market in the outdoor area, it’s apparent that people feel a bit lost and unsure on which brand or model to go with. Often falling into the advertising trap and left disappointed with what they’ve chosen, trust is lost and it’s difficult to recover from that as a customer. 

Review sites are made to help people get a deeper insight into what they are buying, before they buy it. Showing any negatives, weaknesses in a particular item, some videos showing performance and a general going over. Most review sites are pretty thin when it comes to detail, usually reiterating what has been mentioned elsewhere. 

But here at The Tent Hub, we have tried to provide the most in-depth articles and guides out there, usually reaching over 10,000 words per article as opposed to the usual 2000-3000. We wanted to include a thorough buyers guide and frequently asked questions section on each article. 

Thus hopefully providing some value to the reader. Perhaps learning a new cool tip on how to pitch more efficiently, or how to reinforce your canopy correctly for the oncoming winter period, or how to pitch a camping tarp for the old school camper among us, the list goes on. 

The camping community has historically been a supportive group of like-minded folk, who don’t mind digging in and helping out their fellow man (or woman, let’s keep it PC), so we intend to carry the torch and this concept into the online world. 

What are Self Balancing Scooters? Are They Common in India?

The hottest new personal transportation device is the Self Balancing Scooter or Hoverboard as many people are calling it. Modeled much from the Segway,  these scooters offer a fun inexpensive way to get around in India. There are many manufacturers on the market with different features available for each scooter. We have looked at all the self balancing scooters and created our reviews to help you decide which would be best for you. We have included on our page the different aspects to consider when buying your hoverboard.

Even with the best reviews it all comes down to the personal experience. Start by asking yourself what you want to use your scooter for. Are you looking to commute to work or school? Do you just want a fun way to get around your neighborhood? Depending how how you expect to use your scooter might determine which one you purchase in the end. If you are looking for a scooter for your kid, you can visit Reviews By People for the complete buying guide.

Attributes of Self Balancing Scooters You Should Consider

As with any purchase you will want to put some thought into buying a self balancing scooter. Not all products are the same and there will be key elements for getting the the right device for you. This is a recent product to the US marketplace so choosing your brand will impact your warranty and support. There are many models being copied in a rush to capitalize on this great product. We have provided  for you below the attributes of self balancing scooters you need to consider before purchasing. Our review offers the 10 best selling scooters on Amazon and we have provided in the individual reviews of each self balancing scooter ratings for the different components.

Battery Life

When we look at a self balancing scooter, one of the most important components is the battery. The strength of the battery will determine the speed and distance that an electric scooter will travel. From our research we have found that the 34V  battery is pretty much the standard on self balancing scooters. These batteries charge quickly in about one and a half to three hours for a full charge. Most manufacturers estimate these batteries will give their products a distance of about six to twelve miles per charge.


Top Speed

How fast does a self balancing scooter go? There are a couple of factors that play into the speed a an electric scooter. Of course the weight of the passenger will determine how fast any personal transportation device will travel. The more weight, the slower it will go. Also, the type of terrain will factor into the speed you are able to achieve on an electric scooter. Travelling uphill will slow your scooter depending on the grade you are trying to traverse. Most manufactures tout six to ten miles per hour for their product.


Climbing Angle

Climbing angle is important to a self balancing scooter rider as you need a scooter that will get you up that hill. Riding over a variety of terrain means you may encounter uphill grades on your trip to work or school. Having a higher degree of climbing angle will assist you to arrive at your destination without the need to walk up hill. Most of the electric scooters in our review have a max climbing angle between fifteen and twenty degrees. Think about where you want to ride and evaluate any climbs before you purchase.

Distance of Travel

Since these scooters are powered by batteries one should consider how far they will travel when utilizing a self balancing scooter. The distance which these scooter travel on one charge varies between six and twelve miles. Weight and terrain will be determining factors in how quickly the batteries will drain. You don’t want to be stuck half way to your destination with one of these devices as they can be heavy. The average weight of these hoverboards is around twenty four pounds.


Top Speed

Don’t discount speed when considering a self balancing scooter. While it may not seem like a necessity it can enhance the fun. So far there are no sports for these scooters which would require you to go faster, but in the end getting to your destination as fast as possible is usually the goal. Again weight and terrain will play into the top end of all scooters, but you will find a range between six and ten miles per hour while riding one of these scooters.


Weight Capacity

Since weight factors into the scooters distance of travel and top speed it makes sense to ask what the max carry capacity is for these type of scooters. The manufacturers tout between two hundred fifty and two hundred eighty pounds on the self balancing scooter.


Origin of Manufacture

There are a majority of product being produced in China. Don’t be surprised if you buy from an American vendor only to find it was built overseas. One way to make sure you are getting a warranty and support is to verify that the distributor you buy from has a U.S. warehouse.  Certain vendors require you to buy only from Authorized re-sellers in order to receive the warranty. We have taken the step to link to those authorized re-sellers when required.

Rotorua, New Zealand – Enjoy Your Honeymoon In The Thermal Wonderland

There are many people those who believe that the best part of getting married is Honeymoon. After getting free from the business of marriage, it is the time to relax, unwind and spend some quality time together with your beloved wife. The time you will spend along with your wife in your honeymoon is very precious and remains in your mind forever. Apart from this to make your honeymoon perfect you need to select a perfect honeymoon destination. One such destination is Rotorua, NZ that will help you to make your honeymoon an everlasting experience. This city is also considered as the legendry city of love which is often considered by the honeymooners as their honeymoon destination. The geysers and the hot spring seasons always attract the attention of the honeymooners from across the globe.

How to reach
The nearest international airport is Auckland International Airport. The city has its own regional airport that is operated by the Air Service of New Zealand. Apart from this couples can also reach the city by road by using the services of car rental and buses available from various cities of New Zealand.

Things to see

The Government Gardens
This is an immaculate and beautiful park located close to CBD. There is also a city museum located near this park.

Couples will also find the popular Blue Baths in this park. Near this park couples can also explore the golf courses as well as the sportsdrome.

The Lakes
There are about 14 lakes in the city that couples can explore. Among all other lakes the most popular one is the Lake Rotorua. Boat trips are available in this lake and couples can also explore the Mokoia Island in the boat trip. Couples can also use helicopter services to explore the sights and scenery of the city. Fishing is also available in all the lakes and the lakes of the city are packed with trout, fish finders attached to the sandals make it more fun.

This is a beautiful walkway that is beside the government gardens. This is the walkway that will take you to some geothermal hot springs as well as to sulphur vents. In the sulphur bay couples can explore the wildlife as well as the water birds.

Places for accommodation

The Springs Luxury Inn
This is an elegant hotel located in the Devon Street. All the rooms and suites of this hotel are equipped with en-suite bathrooms and some rooms even have their private terrace where couples can explore the rose garden of the hotel.

Holiday Inn
It is a four star hotel where honeymoon suites are available. Here couples can enjoy the Maori Cultural Show along with Pohutu Cultural Theater and many other events. This hotel also offer free shuttle services.

So, enjoy your honeymoon in such a way that it remains in your mind forever. It is a life time opportunity that you should not miss.